are you experiencing one or more of these symptoms?

Bloating, food sensitivities, skin issues, difficulty losing weight, heartburn, nausea, gas, belching, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, insomnia, and low energy

All of these symptoms can be the direct result of poor gut health



you're not alone

After having my first child, I began to struggle with poor digestion, heartburn, bloating, food sensitivities, skin rashes, depression, anxiety, severe joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog and fatigue.
Despite seeking out specialists for answers I was still receiving no information on WHY I was experiencing these symptoms. Just medications to mask the symptoms.
The reality of my experience practicing in traditional medicine was shockingly similar! We weren’t identifying and treating the ROOT CAUSE of the symptoms, but merely reaching for band-aid fixes. 
Through searching for my own answers to address my personal health struggles I discovered my calling in functional medicine. I got into health care to help people and now I'm able to help women all around the world, turn around their health and take their lives back!
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my search for answers 

enough was enough


I set out to discover my own answers and what I learned was life-changing.


I not only discovered what was at the root of the symptoms but I also discovered the path to healing. Now I help women all over the world get the answers they're searching for and provide them with the helping hand I wish I had when I was at my rock bottom.

 the problem 


Gut dysfunction disrupts your health, happiness, and comfort, and often is the result of up-steam issues, or root causes. 

It can present itself in a number of ways as seen in the symptoms list above. Each symptom is telling us something specific about the condition of your gut health and what may be causing your symptoms.

3 common root causes

It is possible to discover the root cause of YOUR symptoms and I’m thrilled to say it’s also possible to heal them as well! You don’t have to live with the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms anymore.


Life’s demands affect us all. Our habits and patterns are often not healthy ones. This is a common root cause because of the effect chronic stress has on your body. When we are living with high levels of stress the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies greatly affect our gut health which can lead to gut dysfunction and show up as a number of issues or symptoms 


The foods that we consume can produce different problems in our gut. The majority of foods we consume are highly processed and we are exposing ourselves to toxins that negatively impact our health. There is also a significant lack of nutrient dense foods in our diet which depletes us of the proper balance of vitamins and other essential nutrients to keep us healthy. 


Toxins often emerge as silent disruptors, especially when it comes to gut dysfunction. The relentless assault of modern living bombards our bodies with pollutants and toxins, compromising the delicate balance of our gut microbiome. This imbalance not only triggers digestive issues but can also pave the way for inflammation and a whole host of other health concerns.

opportunities & resources

Steps to healing & taking your life back!

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the science behind why you’re experiencing your specific symptoms

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