Control Over Your Body!

Do you feel like you're spiraling out of control  with your symptoms? 


No idea where to start?!

I know the feeling!

I was struggling with chronic bouts of constipation/diarrhea, chronic fatigue, acne, psoriasis, bloating, depression, anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure, joint pain...I was SICK!

Once I healed my gut, everything changed for me.

I'm here to tell you that HEALING IS POSSIBLE! After my own healing journey, I realized I needed to be the helping hand I wish I had when I was at my rock bottom!

So I developed the Mod Method to lead you to the answers and support you need to overcome the root causes that got you here in the first place.

Are you ready to enjoy life and make memories that no longer have the sting of painful and frustrating symptoms.


The Mod Method

Lab Testing

In order to discover the root causes of your symptoms we have to do lab testing. After your Case Review, where we go over your history and identify root causes, we'll determine the appropriate tests needed to confirm what's happening in your gut. This will allow us to customize your plan.

Personalized Care

No two guts are the same! We'll dive into your lab results and craft specific protocols designed to help you overcome your root causes and ultimately put you back in the control seat! Imagine what it feels like on the other side of your symptoms? I'm telling you from experience, it's amazing!


The Mod Method is for those that desire true healing. Healing your gut dysfunction is not a quick fix and it requires investment in yourself and commitment to the process. Through this program I'll be there with you to help guide you to the changes and support you need in your life to bring true healing.

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The Mod Method Features:

Program: 6 Month 1:1 Concierge Health Coaching

This program is a 4 phase approach to restoring gut health designed to get you feeling better quickly and then transitioning to the work of healing and transformation!

Heal Your Gut & Embrace Sustainable Health

6 months from now you could be living a revitalized life! Free to eat what your want again! Able to go places without the fear of embarrassment! 

Testimonials From Mod Method Clients


"I felt like everything was falling apart. I'm a business owner, wife, and a mom of 3 kids, so needless to say my life is hectic. Normally, I don't mind that at all, but once my health started to take a toll I started to freak out. I'm so thankful I discovered Taylor when I did. Who knows where I'd be if I hadn't taken this step to getting control of my health. I'm so grateful for her and the mod method!"


“Working with Taylor was a dream! I saw her to help with my postpartum acne, anxiety and overall gut health. We met biweekly and she was so informative and gentle with her care and protocols. She helped improve my acne tremendously, and my anxiety has been controlled without medication anymore! I have more energy, as well as a better understanding on how to continue to improve my overall health with using her methodology. Her energy and true passion for this work shines through and she made me feel so incredibly comfortable opening up about my symptoms. I cannot recommend Taylor and Mod Health Co. enough!” 


“Taylor is passionate about helping people and in my experience she was a significant contributor to the changes in my life. I now have more energy and overall happiness, and have discovered there were real reasons I had not been able to lose weight. After weight gain over several years and trying numerous eating and exercise plans, I'd resolved I'd never get back to where I wanted to be.” 

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